Taking public transportation directly to Bromo sounds like the right selection for you. In this instance, you will have to begin from Surabaya, because there just isn’t a fantastic connection from Malang into the National Park. The nearest train station at CemoroLawang is Probolinggo, that is accessible from Surabaya on a number of direct trains a day. It is two hour relationship for which the most affordable second class seat will cost you only 60, 000IDR.

Talking from experience, but it’s certainly worth shelling 50% more for the AC in first class. Though please head that Indonesians do not play about with AC: when it is on, it is ON, and you’ll require a sweater and a shawl to keep from getting cold. Upon arriving in the bus terminal, prepare yourself emotionally for the last and most difficult part of the backpacker spending friendly trip to Public Transport to Mount Bromo. Nonot the two hour ride up in the mountains itself, however locating a driver that won’t rip you off. Locals will tell you the long distance bemo, sometimes referred to as bison, in CemoroLawang, no longer exists, already abandoned, or is full.

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Don’t believe this until you have scrutinized each corner of the terminal at least twice within the course of half a hour. Fact is that if you are coming after 4pm, the last bemo could really have left already, and getting another one may not be possible. In this case, the best bet is to take a private car that usually costs around 200, 000IDR per person. So with this in mind, try to get there in the Probolinggo train station before 3pm, because sharing a bemo to CemoroLawang is just 35, 000IDR per person, which means you may travel from Surabaya to Mount Bromo for well under a tenner.

Entry into the village, by the way, is 10, 000IDR per person. WHERE TO SLEEP. I usually herald Booking.com as the penultimate accommodation web site in the planet, with booked hotel rooms there from the city center of Leeds to rural Romania and from the south of Spain to eastern Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, it is reallyn’t your best bet when trying to locate accommodation near Bromo. The site doesn’t even recognizedCemoroLawang as being a real village and only offers hotel rooms such as Probolinggo, that is the name of the municipality. Granted, a few of those hotels are in reality in CemoroLawang, but most of them are the same two hour drive from the park entrance which you simply took, and you do not wish to risk that. Agoda.com is a little better, but in truth, majority of the accommodation in CemoroLawang is located privately run homestays which aren’t reservable online.